Anna university wants you to have arrears

Posted By : xxxxxxxxxxx1123
Date : 5/5/2013 8:05:55 AM
State : Tamil Nadu
College : Anna University
Branch : All

Yes, the title for this complaint says it all, Anna university wants you to have arrears, it’s true and sad at the same time. I am a student from one of the affiliated colleges of Anna university. Now you might ask why does Anna university want you to have arrears, the answer is “MONEY”, Anna university wants to retain(fail) as many students as possible, so that it can earn more money through revaluation fee, review fee and through arrears exam fee.Now you might argue that it is the student’s fault if he/she has arrears during engineering. I say no, it is not completely the students fault, let me explain to you why. Anna university sets the semester exam time table in such a way that students accumulate arrears. Let me elaborate by giving you an example, when I was in the 2nd year of engineering in a college that is affiliated to Anna university, there was a very tough subject called “Signals and Systems”. This subject was the toughest of all engineering subjects in my course. Now the semester exams came and Anna university had set the time table in such a way that there is only 1 day holiday before the “Signals and Systems” exam. I was shocked and surprised on why Anna university would give only 1 day holiday before the “Signals and Systems” exam, since it was the toughest subject in the entire course. For all other subject exams which were comparatively easy, we had lot of holidays before the exam, but for the toughest subject we had only 1 day holiday. Because of this almost 80% of the students in our class failed in the subject “Signals and Systems”.Once you have arrears in Anna university, it is very hard to clear it, especially if your in a college affiliated to Anna university. Anna university will set the time table for the arrears exams in such a way that there is no holiday before the arrears exam in most cases. Sometimes arrears exam and current exam are held on the same day. For example, you will have your current subject exam in the morning and in the afternoon you will have your arrears subject exam. To put it in simple words, you will have two exams on the same day sometimes. Sometimes the exams will be very close to each other, for example your current subject exam will be today and your arrears exam will be tomorrow, so you will have only one evening to prepare for your arrears exam. No matter how well prepared you are, you need a minimum of 2-3 days holiday to prepare for an engineering subject. This is not LKG where your exams are held on subsequent days, this is engineering for God’s sake. Even my 12th standard exams where held in such a way that there were at least 2-3 days holiday before each subject exam. Only in Anna university two exams are conducted on the same day or on subsequent days.You want to know why Anna university sets the time table in such a cruel way? The answer is simple, “MONEY”. It’s a simple equation.Hard time table + Failing students randomly = More arrears = More money from revaluation, review and arrears exam fee.Now another tactic Anna university follows is the exam correction. No matter how well you write your exam they will fail you for no reason. They do this to earn more money through revaluation fees, because if you have written your exam well and if they have failed you, you will obviously apply for revaluation. Anna university wants to retain(fail) as many students as possible especially from its affiliated colleges, just for the cheap intention to earn more money. They have no morals, they don’t realize the amount of suffering and depression that the students have to undergo. A minimum of 10 students from colleges affiliated to Anna university commit suicide every year. Join Anna university if you want to spoil your life.

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