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Worst Management      Aug 07, 2014
College Name: HolycrossEngineering College code-4934      State Name: Tamil Nadu      Branch: all      Posted by:

College Name: SRI SAIRAM ENGINEERING COLLEGE      State Name: Tamil Nadu      Branch: COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING      Posted by:

FreshersIndia spoiled my career      Jun 22, 2012
College Name: Engineering College      State Name: West Bengal      Branch: Computer science      Posted by: xxxxxxxxxxxsher

Admission      Jun 13, 2012
College Name: sri sairam engineering college      State Name: Tamil Nadu      Branch: chennai      Posted by:

No selection or placements for Girls      May 26, 2012
College Name: Govt Mahila Engineering College      State Name: Delhi      Branch: Engineering      Posted by: xxarma

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Trifles 2013, March 20-23 2013      Mar 16, 2013
College Name: Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC)      State Name: Maharashtra      Branch: Engineering      Posted by:

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