Worst Management

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Date : 8/7/2014 12:05:27 AM
State : Tamil Nadu
College : HolycrossEngineering College code-4934
Branch : all

Problem : 1. College Start on 9:00 with assembly, after 15 minutes, period Starts and End in 5:00 ( So Total Time = 9am-5pm. Lunch Break 1:45 to 2: 30. 2. In this college Students are not treated like an college student, Management is mentally torchering the staff to get high rank in University Exam.So they Giving more presser to the student. 3. I seen that most of the college start at 8:40 and ends 3:40. Please make this time for same Holycross Engineering college. 4.All College Have only 7 hours per day. Becoz They know that it is very difficult to student for listening 8 hours class per day. 5.Their aim is only to increase the Pass Percentage. 6.I know that anna university will give altest 10-15days leave as study holiday for each semester. Becoz study holiday is to how the student manage their time and study in home to get more percentage. But In this college they only give 2 or 3 days for study holiday. 8. This college Don't know how to make a student as Good Engineer. 9. I am Feeling Like in a Jail. Please Do Anything. By Students HolyCross Engineering CollegeRespected sir, I am Studying in Holycross Engineering College - code 4934. I am Feeling Uncomfortable to studying on this college. Because College start on 9am with Assembly and college over time is 5:10. I Seen That all Anna University affiliated colleges have 7 period. but here there are 8 period and also difficult to listen last hour class. And most of the students reaching the home at after 7pm. So we feel difficult to study in home. This college Principal Staffs and torchering the student to compelsary we have to attend coaching after 5pm to 6pm. Right not students have to complete the record of maximum 6 exercise which have been not practised in Labs. If we ask Management why we want to complete the record without practising, they will notice the student and put a case on him.

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