Torture Torture Beware

Posted By : xxxxx
Date : 5/25/2012 2:54:27 AM
State : Kerala
College : Paacet college
Branch : Engineering

our college, P.A.AZIZ COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY is torturing the students in th name of attendence and sessionals. they increased our working hours from 8.30am to 4.30pm. inspite of that they are keeping saturday classes. they are giving us assignments daily which we have to submit in the very next day. we cant tolerate this torturing. we are paying the fees but they are not able to provide us with good faculties but they are torturing us in the name of extra classes and sessional marks. if this situation prevails for some more days, then i'm sure , you can find all paecetians in mental hospital. I kindly request all authorities, university, educational minister Shri.M.A.BABY and human rights commission to take necessary action and save future ENGINEERS.the main reason for increase in number of back papers in paacet is the poor academic planning. Please dont treat 21 year old guys as KG KIDS. plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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