Worst Facilities

Posted By : xxxxxirin
Date : 6/12/2012 12:21:48 AM
State : Karnataka
Branch : Engineering

Respected sir/madam’sI am studying B.Tech in a institute that is wrest maintainer but they are collecting building fee Rs:-6,000 per a student there is no building it is in under construction if our joiner’s joined in present counseling they must set in combined or top of the window in open please. There is no Lab Equipment to do experiments. In our college total number of CRO\'s is 11. In that CRO\'s working condition is 8 only the remaining 3 CRO\'s in repair. The working condition CRO\'s 8 only for the entire college students and also all branches. Just expect sir how could we do. And coming to the Kit’s there is only one KIT is working for the one experiment and another KIT is damaged for all the experiments even there is no at least one patch card. Coming to the CRO probes all the probes are joint\'s in joints. Coming to the library there is no at least 15 text books for a subject. This is the situation for all branches. But they are collecting too much fine\'s and extra fees from all the students.There is so much litigation in the LAB external answer papers. Because of the management activities there are so many students are loosing them life\'s. The main cause is unqualified faculty. Half of the faculty is very very wrest. If any one asked about this mater then the student name in the condo nation list and also he/she is failed in both Labs’. And also he/she will be punished with the special fine.In our college there is unqualified faculty in the register they are doing another person\'s signature. The qualified faculty is very very poor in subjects we are telling the subjects to them. Especially DIVYA & PRAVEENA lecturers are very very west faculty in the total staff. So please lesion my word\'s sir. Please Inspect our college suddenly and secretly check all my points if there is any wrong in my mater u can punish me i well ready for that. So please save our life\'s.Thanking You Sir +91-9985790049our college name isSESHACHALA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,PUTTUR.

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