Campus winding up without paid 45,000 deposit

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Date : 3/12/2014 3:21:53 AM
State : Gujarat
College : WLCI
Branch : Ahmedabad

Recently i completed my MBA from B school. before two years ago i apply for MBA in WLCI on august 2012 at that time Mr. maulik Shah is a director and Mr, himanshu priyankar is a counselor. i got call from Mrs, Niralee Shah, she told me that they are greatest B-school in the world. professionally they conduct my video conference interview from founder of WLCI and i got selected and initially i paid 1000+15,000 (application fees + deposit) at the that time. they asked me for more payment or next installment on present month end thus i deposited 30,000 from the online payment from my hometown. after that they guaranteed that they are helping me to taken education loan but they are not provided me such valid document that i can apply for loan thus i got harassed than i come to Mr, maulik for payback my deposits but they told me that we have rule that we are returned the deposits but things is that according to them i am not eligible to attending a single class still i am not paid next dues. i got stuccoed that after payment 45000 still i am not eligible for attend classes i am run for loan two months from various banks but invalid document got trouble to passes loan.Now you think that after 2 years why should i write this right ?recently i saw old news that Mr vatsal bhatt in 2011 won the case against WLCI amount of 1.10 Lack i trying to conversation from higher department like sonika chibar (counselor at noida) , Siddharth, maulik shah, himanshu priyankar,komal, niralee shah,rachit trikha (Ahmedabad campus) and ruby sing,etc 2 years but i am not getting proper reply of deposits. i had query that Mr vatsal bhatt sued the complain against them so why they are still selected student when there is no existing study in Ahmadabad campus

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